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no. I understand what he is saying. and I live in NYC. it is not a question of them being smarter or more discerning unless you are talking about one night stands. then I agree with you. but there is more a level of threats of date rape. so that is more on the minds of women here as well. usually when you date a girl it is very rare it will be a one nighter unless it was arranged. in other cases one nighters are usually between friends to do BOTH of each other sexual favors. or in rarer cases just the guy. my fault as I forgot to put in fear of rape in.

main bulk of the city’s women are not powerful. has the highest rents in the USA. so by far very few of them are powerful. most money goes to the rent(both sexes.). a lot result in gold digging, prostitution ,free whoring or living/marrying a guy. the last one is the most common. so when they are trained for sex equals money the empowerment goes out the window until you show off the wealth.. then you have the general anti-social clique mentality there. or general community bigotry there. so slut shaming has nothing to do with it.

men and women are equal groups but have different thinking processes as well as some physical differences. not that different in way where there can be no equality. there has to be education and total rethinking on BOTH sexes.

the main reason it seems so confusing is because a lot of these hacks are “hacks”. so with the fappening hacks. you can’t tell if it was hacked or “hacked”. as these are celebs. with non-celebs they (and their agents.managers,etc.) are not looking for publicity and really are not intended to be public viewing. but private for only a few to look at it.

more likely they will show their vaginas more. granted you do have your man hating lesbo feminists. and a lot of I have talked to are in denial of themselves they are man hating. it’s painstaking for them to admit there are gold diggers out there.

as far as showing boobs off. most guys will degrade a woman after she shows them off unless she is a permanent girlfriend or wife. you get rid of the idea of them being sluts/whores/etc. for showing boob and more likely they will show boob more. actually one of the more equal rights rules was for women to go topless in public places where men can go topless.

Posted on Sep 18th
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 9.18.14 (24 comments)

I would like to go where Peter Brady went before.

Posted on Sep 18th
re: Avril Lavigne Bikini Photos: Cancun (4 comments)

I would do more than that. I would marry er handfast that. and stay with her 100 years just for one lay.

well it could be worse. at least he didn’t sign in using the sex organ of a celeb. those are the creepiest sickest douchebags out there.

Posted on Sep 9th
re: The Crap We Missed - Tuesday 9.9.14 (16 comments)

she is looking better than her normal self.

Posted on Sep 9th
re: The Crap We Missed - Tuesday 9.9.14 (42 comments)

well I have seen the ultimate bukkake