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Posted on May 25th, 2011
re: When did Kate Gosselin get giant breasts? (65 comments)

Well isn’t that was she says every chance she gets. I do everything for my kids. Or my kids said Mommy do dancing with the stars. So for her kids she got rid of their dogs, for her kids she got tits, for her kids she is showing them an unreal life traveling all over the world. Shouldn’t that money be better spent going towards their education. Really Kate do you think you are going to last long enough in the spot light to continue the way you are living for your kids. What I see is a future of Kate’s 8 troubled adults unless Daddy has the chance to have a stronger influence on them. What next girl a new butt or a new face cause you are going to have to hide. I actually like her before she started treating Jon like shit on the air and started acting like her shit don’t stink. The whinning about the reporters is just sick, they have to eat too.Look how Nicole Kidman treated them with class, Sending food and drink to them the night before her wedding. In turn they have nice things to say about her. Kate on the other hand they make a joke of and she deserves it.