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Although I loved last Batman, I agree with you re: Hornet and Lantern – fanboys now are just too jaded and spoiled. Just show the love for ANY comic movie (except Elektra and Catwoman – they sucked).

I really love the Nolan Batman movies. That being said, Avengers is a way better “comic book” movie. I want to see super powered beings pound the sheit out of everything (“puny god” = best villain beat-down ever). Hulk and Thor are NOT the most intelligent characters in the Marvel Universe – the beat up stuff. And I don’t need even more character development than we already got from the lead-up movies. I am very much looking forward to Dark Knight and it’s Oscar-level awesomeness but Avengers is the best movie-going experience I’ve had since I was forced to go see the original Raiders of the Lost Ark (knowing nothing about it) because Superman 2 was sold out.