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Cool. Hope you had a good weekend!

He was fake quoting the proverbial Southern white chick. The grammar error would be “hers” not his.

Because he is so snarky, I want to like James Franco, but I find it hard because he is such a pretentious douchebag. He’s a high-functioning, fairly comedic douchebag, but a douchebag nonetheless.

And if I were the ghostwriter, I’d be anonymously laughing all the way to the bank. Farrah’s particular brand of stupid probably sold another few thousand copies.

Posted on Jun 2nd
re: Sofia Vergara Is Single. Again. (28 comments)

I don’t think he is rich, and another reason she broke up is because he cheated on her repeatedly. I just cannot understand what that guy was thinking. While she left him, it was because he blew it.

Posted on Jun 2nd
re: Sofia Vergara Is Single. Again. (28 comments)

Who is down-voting these comments? Is Nick himself on the site? What a little, crunchy bitch.

When the main picture came up on this story, I kept cleaning my screen, thinking that some biologicals had splattered across it when my hubby borrowed my laptop. Nope. Just age spots. Gross.

Oh, you KNOW he has a gun. Probably many, many guns.

As do I, legally. Registered. Used for hunting. Animals, not people. His? Maybe, maybe not. Scary.

Posted on May 13th
re: WTF Happened With Jay Z & Solange? (49 comments)

Why are you even here?

Posted on May 9th
re: Justin Bieber Responds To Seth Rogen (30 comments)

Who knew #BBARE Bizzle was so eloquent? Fo’shizz.