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Posted on Sep 2nd, 2010
re: Olivia Munn Has An Angry Vagina? (88 comments)

Not just her fanny, even her perky little boobs are angry. 3 days ago she was pictured by beachgoers doing a tanning session at west coast beach all topless and with a thong thats barely visible. I guess she was just reminding us her boobs are way curvier than the wanna be slutt lindsay.

Posted on Aug 28th, 2010
re: Taylor Momsen Doesn't Need Your Lame Charity (28 comments)

She acts like she owns the freakin world, some wannabe rockstar she is. Just the other day she was snapped walking down the street wearing a seethrough tanktop and a skin tight miniskirt, a true mediawhore in the making. See it for yourself.

This is just great, a moral disaster is on the loose again. Some loser has already posted the preview online of the sextape which was given to vivid for ‘testing’ purposes. Heidi looks like a two cent whore compared to kim in her sextape.