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According to the author, this criminal was calling from the same public pay phone he used to call the McDonnells two weeks ago. I’m afraid the author missed an important opportunity to protect the Sandy Hook families, not to mention to protect the Cesca family. The perp knows their address, and knows they can identify him. They need to get a restraining order against this individual, at the very least, which they could have done if Chez and the Cescas had only notified police before calling this criminal at a known address. Even if police somehow failed to find probable cause to arrest the man for the phone call, they would have been able to bring him in on allegations of harassing the Cescas; the Cescas could have identified him, and gotten that restraining order–often the first step in making a future arrest. But obviously, authoring an exclusive, scandalous story took precedence over protecting his co-worker’s family, and the Sandy Hook families.