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Rush Limbaugh has his facts mixed up AND is spreading ridiculous propaganda about two things being connected when they’re not at all? Never…

Posted on Dec 22nd, 2011
re: Adam Lambert Arrested For Drunken Fight With Boyfriend (57 comments)

Two gay guys with terrible hair getting drunk and fighting? I don’t believe you. I can hear Adam yelling “What do you want from me?!?”

AND apparently I’m an idiot. The first response was for Johnny P!. Thank you for proving my point that most people are morons and believe everything they’re told AND for thinking about free Wi-Fi in a negative fashion.

2nd one was in agreement with Buddy.

3rd one is because I’m American, so I’m ignorant to things like reply buttons and common sense.

I commented earlier on something you wrote. I fear that you are making wild assumptions again, and that you have no concept of relating one social issue to another. This saddens me. You are awarded no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.


It seems like I’m not the only one who doesn’t understand what the hell is going on with this media frenzy.

1. He’s 84 years old and is stuck in the middle of this ridiculous media shit-storm.

2. He was most likely asked by the multiple reporters about his being fired. HE ANSWERED A QUESTION! HOLY SHIT-STICKS!!!!

3. They fired him over the phone. Any person who has been at there job and who has done a great one at that for over 50 years deserves to be told in person. That was his life.

Funny thing. There are actually legitimate defenses.


And you’re a fucking idiot if you think the students are out rioting in favor of baby rape. That’s like saying starving people steal food in order to make stores jack up the price.

I don’t give a shit about college football. What happened was horrible.


There are an incredible amount of factors that the media is overlooking, along with the rest of the mob (this means all of you.) Please pay attention.

1st, Joe Paterno DID NOT WITNESS what happened, therefore, it would have been considered hearsay. Also, without proof, he could have been sued for defamation of character. These are reasons why he couldn’t talk to the police if he wanted to. It would have went nowhere.

2nd, He didn’t cover anything up. He told the people who are supposed to take care of shit, and they didn’t take care of shit. These are his superiors. In businesses all across the globe and yes, even here in good ol’ PA, there is a chain of command, and bosses, and lawyers, and a mountain of red tape to go through to get these things taken care of. On top of that, the investigation took THREE YEARS to provide enough evidence and testimony to even arrest Sandusky. Three years of people who understand legal mumbo-jumbo clawing and digging for shreds of anything that would stick in court. Joe is not a lawyer, he coaches football and helps fund the building of libraries, not stadiums.

3rd, Because of his incredibly positive effect he has had on PSU and the academics at this school consistently for over half of a century, it is very easy to target him and immediately ruin his stellar reputation.

4th, I don’t think Joe Paterno gives a shit about his legacy as much as everyone else does.

5th, WHY DON’T WE FOCUS ON THE FUCKER THAT STARTED THIS? Am I the only one that noticed that it’s taken a backseat to the Paterno thing? DEAL WITH THE REAL ISSUE AT HAND (THE RAPING OF YOUNG BOYS……remember, that’s why we’re all here, folks….) and then later on, deal with everything else after all of the evidence is presented. That’s how shit works. Oh, and the DA who worked on this back in 1998 when Sandusky was first accused didn’t have enough evidence to charge him for the crime. The incident in question was in 2002 which means other people who take care of these things new way before Joe did.

6th, Why does the 28yr old (at the time) man who sees what’s going on not kick the shit out of Sandusky AND still gets to keep his J.O.B.? He was the actual witness. Why isn’t this part of the story bigger news?

I am disappointed in the way that such a highly regarded institution such as PSU has just thrown all common sense out of the window. The board of trustees are just running around like they were literally on fire. Take a step back, collect your fucking backbone, and start figuring shit out in a responsible manner.

The media, including this site, has taken this part of the story to a grotesque level. What happened to those children is unforgivable and if it were my child, Sandusky would have been murdered years ago. But, the fact of the matter is that this is not a “what if” scenario. A sick man tricked some young, troubled youth into having pedophiliac sex with him, was caught, reported, and will have his day in court. Let’s not pollute this anymore than it already has been.