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Posted on May 21st
re: Kevin Smith: 'Ben Affleck's Batsuit Is Blue & Grey' (32 comments)

Yeah, in Dark Knight Returns the color scheme is black and grey, not blue and grey. Don’t misquote Smith. Let the news spread misinformation.

Posted on Jul 24th, 2013
re: This Might Be Your Pretty New Batman (28 comments)

I will go on record saying that this is a negotiation ploy to get somebody else’s price down. No way this dude is actually being considered, unless, for some reason, he crushes his audition. Let’s be honest…..that’s not happening.

Posted on Jul 24th, 2013
re: The Crap We Missed - Friday 7.19.13 (32 comments)

It’s good to see Heather Locklear again.

Evacuated buildings……

In the seen where Jonathan dies, Clark is surrounded by people from his general area (I’m assuming here), but people were going to find out particulars because of his parent’s involvement. Whenever he exposes himself (dirty birdy) during the oil rig, etc, he’s some anonymous guy. Nobody actually knows who he is, where he’s from, who his parents are, etc. Lois even says that his name and employment record were all faked so nobody could trace him.

I love how I’m a low life because of my opinion about Clark Kent not saving his father…in a movie….based off of comic books…
Anyway, yes I would, because I’m not an alien from another planet whose parents are trying to keep my abilities a secret, ass.


1. Pa Kent – He told Clark he should have let the kids on the bus die to keep who he was a secret, not because he’s heartless. He understood the big picture of who Clark is and would eventually become. And Clark let him die because he knew how important it was to Jon that Clark keep his abilities a secret. That’s why he didn’t run out and save him. I couldn’t disagree with your analysis about this scene more.

2. CGI – Yes, there were a few parts where I was feeling “eh” about it. However, you have members of an advanced alien race fighting and they’re very fast. Tell me how well your eyeballs process fast moving objects. Run your hand past your face. It’s a blur, right? It’s nondescript and chaotic. That’s sort of the point.

3. The government didn’t seem to be actively searching for this guy until the end of the film. Yes Lois stumbled upon him in the ship with relative ease. I’m with you on that front. However, it seems that it was more important that they were acquainted than spending a ton of time playing the cat and mouse game seen in older films. He’s a god. She’s a human. No need for him to pussy-foot about.

4. The practicality of how Zod is taken care of is all a part of Superman figuring out who he is and what he is capable of. This whole movie is one large test of him as a hero. Zod made it very clear that one of them had to die and he would never stop. And come on, the shock wave from the snap was incredible.

5. The destruction during the last fighting scene: If there wasn’t any, you would be mad about it. Again; fighting aliens. Shit’s gonna get broken. People are going to get hurt. Casualties of war.

Superman is PISSED in this film and I don’t blame him. He’s not full of misplaced rage, and he’s not a pussy or some smirking asshat like prior movie versions.