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I think you’re trying just as hard to make him sound like an average manwhore, despite what you’ve said about his decent character. Most Rob and Kristen fans know what went down before Kristen committed to him. no need to condescend. I’m sure he did screw Megan Fox, Nikki Reed and other women after Twilight wrapped and they went their separate ways until promos started. So what? He was single. But having followed Rob’s career and watched and read countless interviews, where he has denounced cheating more than once; not to mention knowing people close to Rob, I can guarantee this guy didn’t cheat. He used outrageously poor judgement IMO, if he cares at all about how this type of label could affect his career, not to mention the headache it has caused Kristen. I guess the Caitlin Cronenberg rumors this summer weren’t enough of a wake-up call, and I’m sure it was a walk in the park at the airport coming home for Kristen. It’s time accept Rob accepts he’s Robert Pattinson and lives in a sad world where people make assumptions about people with this level of fame, that his actions do affect other people, especially those closest to him. Sucks but what’s he going to do? Quit? Other than that enough with the cheating assertions. It’s absurd.