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Her ass is bigger than the pregnant woman’s stomach…

Posted on Jul 8th
re: Did Shia LaBeouf Know Too Much? (14 comments)

Fucked up childhood + Family issues + Genetics (?) + Disney + Hollywood

On a human level I hope he can pull himself together, he’s not even fun for me to hate.

Posted on Jul 8th
re: Sofia Vergara's Banging Joe Manganiello (11 comments)

That would be a celebrity sex tape that would not be watched out of morbid curiosity.

Posted on Jun 30th
re: Robert Downey Jr.'s Son Busted For Cocaine (27 comments)

That’s awful. Genetics, environment, money and connections at 20, it’s a potent combination.

Posted on Jun 30th
re: Shia LaBeouf Is Just Crazy (23 comments)

This seems like a mental health problem, I hope he gets the help he needs. That being said, he was a Disney child star..

Is Chewie going to be his nurse? Oh My God, it can be like Hodor and Bran.

Ugh, I’m never having children. What she said, pregnancy seems awful and I hate those germ laden little demons. So you go through vagina destroying hell and then there’s a shrieking baby and later a bratty toddler to take sleep and me time away. Fuck no.

Thanks for doing it, Mom!

Posted on Jun 13th
re: Lindsay Lohan Wants To Laser Off Her Freckles (30 comments)

So does “freckles” mean track marks?

I always think the guns are their dicks.

Florida is a special kind of fucked up. How did she shoot a missile? Attaining it and managing to work it, Christ. Is it wrong that I hope she’ll name her child Angel Dustiny?