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Posted on Nov 12th
re: Chelsea Handler's Butt Is Naked Now (15 comments)

Kim’s photoshopped monstrosity made Chelsea’s look good. The interns’ suffering was for naught.

What do you even say at this point? It’s horribly fucked up and needs to be handled, but it’s only one example of what’s happening outside of the spotlight. It would be great if something would happen with this case, but lol, celebrity and a fucked up system.

I am going to bask in the reaction to this.

Posted on Sep 15th
re: On Adrian Peterson And 'Whooping' Kids (214 comments)

“What it’s going to take?” So close.

People justifying this type of behaviour is so disturbing, one because they’re wrong and it leads to perpetuating the cycle, and two they’re probably part of the cycle themselves. It’s simple logic, too, your childhood doesn’t make committing a criminal act okay; doing something illegal to a child (or a woman/minority) is also wrong. If your parents did it they fucked up, it doesn’t matter if a lot of them were doing it. Don’t go around hitting people, it’s pretty fucking simple.

My mother spanked me once, objectively not huge compared to what happens to people, I still remember that shit. I’ve held a grudge over it, causing that feeling isn’t okay. Let alone causing physical harm.

Posted on Sep 12th
re: Everybody Hates Ariana Grande (38 comments)

So Guliana is angry that she didn’t have her good side on camera. Okay.

He’ll still drink wine… Christ blood powered punches and rages. It’s practically like Jesus wants him to do what he’ll inevitably do.

Aaron Carter screams stalker, the stupid kind who falls out of a tree or something, but still a stalker.

Yeah, there’s a good chance he’ll kill her. I’m sure the NFL will pat themselves on the back somehow.

So let’s talk about the flawed parts of the views of abuse that get thrown around. It’s not just women who get abused by men, men can abuse men, women can abuse men and women can abuse women; ignoring that is so wrong. There is a psychological element and abusers are often adept at targeting and manipulating their victims, saying it’s just gold digging is sketchy and undermines the problem. Even if it is gold digging, it’s not acceptable to beat your significant other or another person in general. The victim blaming is cringe worthy.

Humanity is fucked.

Posted on Aug 30th
re: Here's Coco's Giant Anus Because F*ck It (41 comments)

I’m rooting for you, bikini. You can do it!


Posted on Aug 28th
re: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Are Married (20 comments)

So… do we start a countdown for something? Adoption, Affair, divorce, death, etc.? Transcending to a higher plane of existence?