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I cannot lie. I didn’t read beyond the first line. I just saw this in the side bar on VH1 and it occurred to me that everyone wants equality…. for themselves. Selfish America? I don’t know if you were misinformed – which is your own fault since the truth is all over the place – or you’re just so self-absorbed that you can’t see past Phil saying homosexual. Either way, your prejudice and judgement of Phil and his Religious beliefs is so hypocritical that’s it’s disturbing. And it’s going to backfire on your community sooner or later. Phil exercised his right to freedom of Expression and Religion when asked what he felt sinful behavior is. Since when do we tolerate any persons CIVIL RIGHTS being violated in this country because- whan -whan – he doesn’t understand anus sex? What straight man does? Wake up!!! He also said homosexual behavior is a sin, along with fornication, adultery, and drunkards, etc.. You chose to apply homosexual behavior to homosexuals, as if, oral sex isn’t and hasn’t always been considered a homosexual act.. (even in our legal system, dear) It used to be illegal, and probably still is if you in some states if you search dumb laws. Homosexuals aren’t the only people who have anal sex, dear, nor are they the only people who have oral sex.. If you weren’t an egomaniac – follower. You would realize Phil mentioned several acts he believed to be sins. And they apply to all races, all genders and all sexual orientations. Not once did Phil call a homosexuals employer and demand something be done about hiring a homosexual.. Not once did he mention a person.. You are the intolerant hypocrites here. You attack this man with everything you’ve accused his of doing. Operative word being accused, and it’s a LIE!!! It’s disgusting. Phil said nothing wrong. He is entitled to his Religious beliefs. You don’t have to agree with him. Just like he doesn’t have to agree with your lifestyle. Guess what? You are not being scrutinized and suspended from a job because you disagree.

You think you’re so logical? Well, Religious Discrimination is against the law. When this is over, lots more people ill exercise their right to speak the truth instead of trying to be so Politically correct for those who don’t share that same respect for other.
Phil exercised his right to freedom of Expression ( in the media, which is a constitutional right we ALL have) and he is being discriminated against for it. He was suspended from his job – which is against federal LAW.

When homosexuals were fighting for their rights, they wanted the respect that THEY are not willing to give anyone else.
If it wasn’t for our right to Freedom of expression, no one, would have been able to challenge the Government and make changes.. Not the homosexuals. Not African Americans. NO ONE. You will count on that freedom again – mark my words – history always repeats itself. And you’ll see.. Anyone who truly understands why Freedom of expression is how we’ve made as many changes as we have in society, respects and honors the right. Even if they disagree with your opinion. He said nothing homophobic. But even if he had – who died and made you God.. Everyone says something that someone disagrees with. Grow the hell up.