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Educate yourself. Lot’s of people opposed the war, but Fonda has apologized over and over for some of the things she did then. Shocker..some of us do things we regret in life, don’t expect to be branded forever.
Many reports are exaggerated or simply untrue. Judge not unless you know what you are talking about and calling a woman the C word shows you are hostile trash. No excuse for it. I was there and know what my men felt. The true disgrace is not being able to discuss a war intelligently in a country where freedom is prized, even decades after. You might be the real “traitor”.

Sounds like you have experience taking it that way, JC. Tell us more.

Poor delusional Eric. First, B.S. of course you would ( if you are even able). Second, the assumption she would have you is quite a leap. Blunt is a cover for “I know I could never satisfy her and I’m scared just thinking about it”. Sad you had to lash out rather than admit the truth.

Man, whoever wrote this article is a childish dumb-ass. All of us will be that age and still having sex. Wake up kiddies, it will happen to you before you know it. Your body will change and your mind will stay young. Cringing from a natural reality just shows what babies you are. Pretty gross little people too, judging from the postings. Grow up.