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Posted on Nov 23rd
re: The Crap We Missed - Friday 11.21.14 (13 comments)

Agreed. What the hell is she even famous for? No film has ever succeeded because she was in it. Her most notable part is probably her extended cameo in Horrible Bosses, and only that because it filled many a spank bank to hear her say such filth (mine too). She’s more famous for being Brad Pitt’s ex-wife than anything she’s done since Friends.

Jolie is one of the very, very few bankable lead actresses in Hollywood. She also writes and directs her own films, which have all been pretty well-received. She’s also the face and ambassador for about a thousand charitable organizations including the UN. and has half a dozen kids of her own. By comparison Aniston is a fucking lightweight.

Posted on Nov 21st
re: The Crap We Missed - Friday 11.21.14 (9 comments)

Whenever you wonder to yourself, “What’s so great about being a famous actor?” I want you to look at this guy and then think about all the nasty shit Olivia Munn wrote him a picture filled e-mail detailing he could do to her. In fact begging for it. THAT’S whats so fucking great about it. Way to go to college, idiots.

Posted on Nov 21st
re: The Crap We Missed - Friday 11.21.14 (24 comments)

Christ and fucking baby Jesus. Who is this meat puppet?

Is 138 Water the drink of choice for craft services on porno sets? What is their target demo?

If you accept the theory that we’re all part of the same organism experiencing its life through our individual perceptions then Steve is all of us, and we’re all Steve. Just commenting and thumbsing(?) down futilely between imaginary divisions of the same consciousness.

Or maybe Steve is just a dick. Also, who is Steve? I have noticed a good deal more thumbsing (going with it) down going on, but I thought it was reserved for the mocking of Lena Dunham? I assumed it was just some Girls fan blog waging bloody thumbs down jihad against we misogynist, patriarchal pigs.

Posted on Oct 27th
re: The Casamigos Tequila Halloween Party (5 comments)

No. I guess it’s more difficult to be ironic about the 80′s when you peaked in the 80′s?

Posted on Oct 27th
re: The Casamigos Tequila Halloween Party (6 comments)

He went as an MMA fighter? After that many blows to the head I guess he literally couldn’t think of anything else to wear?

Fuck. Every time you start to appreciate McConaughey’s acting and the choices he’s made recently he has to open his mouth and revert back to the caricature that made him Hollywood’s biggest himbo for a decade. If he wants to hang out with Woody Harrelson, blaze up and trade their unique brand of homespun philosophy that’s cool. Go crazy. But his agent should never let him speak in public under any circumstances. Even if he wins another Oscar. Especially if he wins another Oscar. A lot of people watch the Oscars. That bullshit about his hero being him ten years from now was almost enough to ruin True Detective for me, and I fucking love True Detective.

Posted on Oct 16th
re: Abigail Ratchford In A Bikini And Other News (7 comments)

Never understood the ‘porn water’ marketing angle.

Posted on Oct 16th
re: And Now Back To Kesha Said, Dr. Luke Said (21 comments)

Who the fuck is Dr. Luke? Is Star Wars involved? Then fuck this shit.

Even Fish and his liberal feelgoodery would have a hard time embracing this one. An underage bridge too far.

Without an audience and without profit many child pornographers likely wouldn’t bother. They’re people without conscience, not simply deviants. This is especially true of the former soviet bloc countries. So the audience is as complicit in the abuse as the direct abuser.