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Posted on Sep 30th
re: Lena Dunham Believes In Paying Artists Now (18 comments)

Just try to wrap your mind around the fact that somebody had to sit this chick down and tell her that it’s traditional to compensate people for their work:

“You mean… they can’t just go pick money off the Daddy Tree when the rent on their trendy Manhattan walk-up is due?”

Posted on Sep 29th
re: Lena Dunham Thinks Artists Should Work For Free (34 comments)

On the one hand, we’ve got Lena taking advantage of artists who aren’t lucky enough to be Lena Dunham, which is wrong. On the other hand, one of those artists is a goddamn ukelele player, so I’m pretty torn.

You know what’s even more secure than an armored car? An airtight vault at the bottom of the ocean. Someone should get on that.

Posted on Sep 26th
re: Rob Schneider Wants His Freeze Peach Back! (54 comments)

Man, it must really suck to be too fucking stupid to tell from the headline whether or not a story will be of interest to you.

Weep for Fish, but pray for Todd. The commenters over at I Don’t Like You in That Way make these guys look like the Algonquin Round Table.

I come here to note that welldoneson’s attention span keeps pace with the intelligence of his ideas.

Shorter version: Jonesy is a fucktard.

All your credibility — as well as a few dozen IQ points — flew out the window the exact moment you used the word “Feminazi.”

To be fair, the rest of it was over-generalizing horseshit too, but you set the bar super low at the very beginning.

I think it’s possible that Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian suck AND there is a problem with misogyny in “nerd” culture. They’re not mutually exclusive. Unfortunately, people look at Zoe and Anita being shitheads and conclude that this means the misogyny claims are fabricated, and other people look at gamers being shitheads and double down by declaring Zoe and Anita above criticism.

It’s a big ol’ world. Plenty of room for shitheads on every side.