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Posted on Jun 24th, 2010
re: Miley Cyrus Flashed It Again (213 comments)

It is completly typical for “Disney Darlings” to do this sort of crap when they come to the point of being legal. Britney did it Christina did it the list goes on and on. They all feel the wild need to disassociate their squeaky clean imagines from their more adult persona which they have to try and establish as quickly as possible or lose their carrier in transition. I just think she’s going about it the slightly wrong way pole dances at the age of 16 may not be the best thing to do. However if you go that route frankly I don’t know that it’s fair to cry foul when the rag mag’s start calling you out for your slut tastic behavior if it looks like a duck and quakes like a duck…

Posted on Jun 24th, 2010
re: Robert Pattinson Just Called Me a 'Nerd' (78 comments)

gonna have to agrre with matrim lol