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Posted on Jul 1st
re: Shia LaBeouf Is Just Crazy (23 comments)

His personal problems aside, he is still a very obnoxious actor. In any case I hope he gets help. It’s always a bit troubling to see any genuinely disturbed person acting out.

Can Hollywood now stop forcing this douche bag down our throats? Every so often we get an “actor” that a bunch of producers get a hard on for and then insist on repeatedly casting. I get that Spielberg wanted to turn him into Jimmy Stewart and so he cast him in Transformers and even worse Indiana Jones Jr. (I do like that movie but will never forgive the casting of that obnoxious weirdo) but it’s time to let it go. We don’t like him. He doesn’t want us to like him. He goes out of his way to make us not like him. Let him have his way and disappear into the ether of obscurity.

More than slightly.

Posted on Jun 30th
re: Angel Haze On Ireland Baldwin: 'We F*ck' (52 comments)

She’s yucky.

Posted on Jun 30th
re: Jenny McCarthy's Acting Like She Quit 'The View' (60 comments)

So pretty. So very dumb,

All news has a point of view. Anyone who thinks Dan Rather or Brian Williams doesn’t interject a lot of their own editorial is seriously delusional. I don’t watch Fox News but I am also not dumb enough to think that just because they actually wear their opinion like a badge that makes them more bias than MSNBC for example. Or NPR. Or the Daily Show (yeah I called it a news show since so many of you f*ckin hipsters get your news there more than anywhere else). There is nothing insightful about Russell Brand. He is a greasy, unfunny walking personification of a wanker. And if you have actually gleaned any real insight from anything he has said, please consider leaving the planet, don’t procreate and assume you shouldn’t admit it to the public lest you be rightfully ostracized.

Posted on Jun 26th
re: Kathy Griffin Nude (12 comments)


Posted on Jun 24th
re: The Pope Just Excommunicated The Entire Mafia (15 comments)

Cool Pope. This is the kind of guy that despite his huge influence, comes off as someone that wouldn’t be intimidating to meet. That is a rare quality. Not to mention he has been progressive in a way that makes the past advancements in social change by the Church look glacial.

Posted on Jun 5th
re: There's Another Justin Bieber N*gger Video (30 comments)

Years from now he’ll be a campy funny question on Jeopardy. We’ll think, hey remember that obnoxious kid? What happened to him? Wasn’t he on one of those has been celebrity rehab shows recently?

Homeless? Yeah I’m real sure Denise Richards is out there pan handling for a down on a new mansion. And someone called this writer’s columns “brilliant”? Really.