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Posted on Aug 20th
re: The Crap We Missed - Wednesday 8.20.14 (12 comments)

Incredibly, this is the best Mickey has looked in a long time. And he’s wearing the most hideous clothing ever. Like annihilation of a positron and an electron or something.

Posted on Aug 7th
re: Pancreatic Cancer, Huh? (26 comments)

and update the iOS. you sir, have won the internets.

Posted on Aug 7th
re: Jesus Christ, Chrissy Teigen In 'Esquire' (16 comments)

I find her to be beautiful, not sure about all this brown bag sentiment. Her legs are a bit too super-skinny for my tastes though. Great rack, hot woman.

I just noticed the name on her Jersey: “NUGZ”. No idea what that means, but totally appropriate, and I love her molestation of a woman on the sidelines there after the pitch.

love those socks on her. hot woman.

Posted on Aug 5th
re: Dude, You Cropped Out Usher's Head (22 comments)

And this is why men find women inscrutable. He’s been 15 different flavors of a misogynistic anus to Selena, who by all accounts is mostly harmless. Bieber is a sort of the taint of a cultural amalgam of all that is foul today: endless self-referential egoism, sneering disdain for anything that doesn’t immediately enrich him, and an intellect on par with certain types of wood weevils.

At this point, I hope you do get to ride him. Be careful of what you wish for. He’s probably slip you some roofies and post an unflattering photo of you on #Shots with him slimily smiling beside you, thumbs up.

Posted on Aug 5th
re: Dude, You Cropped Out Usher's Head (22 comments)

This may be just a smidge too highbrow for the laughs you were seeking. Many might not know Evelyn Waugh was a man. And he probably would like to ride #BeBare

I suppose it’s not a wardrobe malfunction if one does it deliberately. I love this woman.

Posted on Jul 28th
re: Rihanna Ruined Jay Z's Marriage (19 comments)

I used to think Rihanna was a narcissist, but everything is pretty much about her.

Posted on Jul 25th
re: The Crap We Missed - Friday 7.25.14 (21 comments)

Slater Trout’s neckbeard is out of control. Looks like they’re back together.