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Posted on Dec 18th
re: The Crap We Missed - Wednesday 12.17.14 (24 comments)

…This week on Brooklyn Nine Nine: Jack parelta (Andy Samberg) goes undercover…

Posted on Dec 1st
re: Ray Rice Can Play Football Again (55 comments)

Rics sat out almost a full season, punishment for something the NFL mandatory ban for is now 6 weeks. So, he’s back – OK, whatever. Don’t really care. What I want to know is, why isn’t the Media going insane, demanding Goodle’s head on a platter?
This sanctimonious, shield-protecting d-bag was told by a player that he knocked his wife out – and decided that the apropriate punishment for that is a 2-weeks suspension (just to put this into perspective: a player caught smoking weed was banned for an almost full season – coming back on week 13). After the tape of the incident is made public, and people are faced with the reality of this, the commish scampers to defuse the PR debacle, saying the player lied to him and suspends him indefinetly. The investigating judge was very clear on this – Rice told him what happenned, there was no new information, Goodle is (to paraphrase Bill Simmons) a lying piece of shit. And the investigation didn’t even go into all the lies about the tape and what the NFL decided to unsee at the time of the original decision…
His employers – the NFL owners – are not going to throw him out over this. All they want is for the money to keep flowing in, and rocking the boat tends to get some of your money to spill over into the water. But everybody who loves this sport should be screaming their heads off, demanding a house cleaning – starting at the top.

Posted on Nov 24th
re: Katy Perry Bikini Photos: Sydney (11 comments)

OK, I’m really freaked out, now. I look at Emily Ratajkowski, and all I see are those giant, ridiculous lips; I look at Katy Perry – wonky face, early onset cellulitis and soon-to-sag tits (not to mention horrible, horrible songs) – it’s instant boner (no mean feat, seeing as how I’m ANCIENT), and I want to be her friend. her very special friend.

What the fuck?

Posted on Nov 20th
re: All The Shit Happening With Bill Cosby (126 comments)

Thanks, forgot about that one. This is an allegetion that was checked by many news organizations (AND political rivals), and has also had its day in court; Nothing stuck. I feel that it’s not unthinkable that she’s telling the truth, but – while I do think Clinton has been a grade-A douchbag when it came to his philandering, there just isn’t the massive amount of testimony implying criminal behaviour such as we have in the case of Bill Cosby.

Posted on Nov 20th
re: All The Shit Happening With Bill Cosby (126 comments)

I must be missing something. When was Bill Clinton ever accused of rape?

Posted on Nov 19th
re: Taryn Manning in a Bikini (1 comments)

Oh, you shouldn’t have…

No, seriously, you shouldn’t have.

I read my first Avengers comics 43 years ago (#76, featuring “”The Awesome Arkon” and kick-ass art by John Buscema and Tom Palmer), and by all rights I should now be in a state beyond Nirvana. However… Not happening. Just fucking tired. How much doom & gloom – and explosions; lots and lots of explosions – can you take? What the fuck happened to FUN? I liked most Marvel movies most of the time – but they all had that moronic last act that was all senseless CGI mayhem. A lot of people have been complaining about this – my take from this trailer is that Marvel decided to address this by making the whole movie seem like that last act. NOT excited.

Posted on Oct 21st
re: Ray Rice Could Be Reinstated Next Month (54 comments)

Don’t know what media you follow, but I saw a lot of people speaking out against the women’s soccer association allowing Solo to continue playing for team USA (see: Deadspin, Slate, Salon)

Kosher, too…!

Posted on Oct 16th
re: The Crap We Missed - Wednesday 10.15.14 (24 comments)

Amen to that. Colbert and The Daily Show are much funnier – but all they really do is repeat the “right wingers are just so fuckin’ ridiculous!” mantra; Oliver’s is the best investigative journalism show around.
BTW, if you’re looking for Oliver Untamed (and funnier) – check out The Bugle podcast.