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“Sheriff’s deputies questioned Amanda about what she was doing, and why she was doing it — and based on her answers they determined she needed to be hospitalized on a 5150 hold.”


she’s always been batshit crazy . . . i’m sure smoking all day just accelerated it.

i cant believe anyone would cheat on jessica biel shes so pretty and seems so normal

“Ugh, tonight? Housewives is on.”


Posted on Jun 26th, 2013
re: BREAKING: Miley Cyrus Wants You To See Her Butt (24 comments)

doesnt smoking weed all day make you fat

Posted on Jun 19th, 2013
re: I'm Not Joking Anymore. What The Hell Happened To Miley Cyrus? (82 comments)

charlamagne asking why miley wants to be rachetet pussy (nailed it)

Posted on Jun 17th, 2013
re: Roberto Cavalli Is Still Awesome (16 comments)

omg ew. when an old person dates someone much younger, the look much older . . .

in the words of Phoebe – gold digging slut, cradle robbing perv

Posted on Jun 14th, 2013
re: Rupert Murdoch's Divorcing His Ninja Wife (20 comments)

Because some men are weak dumbasses (re: this entire site).


sameeee what a douche
he grew up a rich spoiled snob
that clearly stuck with him
what a fat fuck