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Posted on Aug 12th, 2010
re: Jennifer Aniston Pissed Off Bill O'Reilly (105 comments)

Let’s see, since O’reilly has the highest cable news viewership, more than CNN and msnbc combined – I’d that your statement about the age of his audience to mean that people younger than 65 don’t bother to watch the news. It’s amazing how little thought or ability to think that some people have. Using the Internet for news is good, but only if you visit sites that having opposing views, or get your Internet news from more than one of the major online news outlets.

Also, the statement about Glenn Beck, is just ignorant. Yes, it fits the standard rhetoric of the uninformed, but those who occasionally watch Beck know that he routinely stresses non-violence stronger than anyone in the public eye. He encourages people to be peaceably involved – the key word is peaceably.

Glad you just write a gossip column. I’d hate to think I had to depend on you to get anything right.