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Science-based medicine breaks it down quite nicely:

Also, what they leave out is that the “increased risk” was in a population of African-American boys so small the numbers were statistically meaningless. So, I guess the black population should have MUCH higher rates of autism than the white, middle-class, vapid mother warriors that peruse Age of Autism and NaturalNews.

Also, even if it did, it’s one study out of 107 showing vaccines DON’T FUCKING CAUSE AUTISM. The vast majority of which were done overseas outside of the long, iron-grip of the CDC.

Posted on Jul 14th
re: Jenny McCarthy Has A SiriusXM Show Now (18 comments)

Small pox has been eradicated since the 1970s. Nobody gets that vaccine anymore. And India JUST eradicated polio this year, due to VACCINES.

About 3000 kids die every year in India from measles due to low vaccination rates. But I guess they don’t matter.

Posted on Jun 30th
re: Jenny McCarthy's Acting Like She Quit 'The View' (60 comments)

Wow. I just came to this, and everyone needs to ignore this Anna chick.

She’s a obviously troll, and literally has no idea what she’s talking about.

She brought up the non-truth of SV40 in the polio vaccine causing cancer, then gets sarcastic and refuses to cite where she got it from. The she erroneously says the small pox vaccine is cowpox, and is now saying those who correct her as relating polio and small pox. I seriously have no idea what she is getting at.

You can’t fix stupid. I’m curious about this brain she speaks of, because she obviously doesn’t have one.

But as for Jenny, I guess day time audiences don’t connect with a pretty blonde who thinks she’s smarter than she is, parades her love life around as if it should bring her fame, and oh, has blood on her hands.

Let me rephrase: the majority of people think she’s a joke. Or rather, homicidal nutjob. Fake quote or not, how much support have you seen for this decision?

And lol, I see what you did there. Host, parasite, unvaccinated children, herd immunity….parasite indeed.