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Posted on Apr 1st, 2012
re: Chris Brown Tweets Support For Trayvon Martin. Oh, Goddammit... (112 comments)

Hey Mikey just hope that someone suffering from paranoia or erotomania doesn’t decide to follow you one day!!! We all know he has a legal right to be suspicious of you and follow you without you having said knowledge of that suspicion and if you turn and sock the sicko in the head, face, balls or whatever, he has every right to MURDER you!! You my dear Mikey have no right to “stand your ground” and attack said stalker!! I’d hope that your Mom and Dad would just let it go if something like this happens to you, even if your body was in the morg for three days even though the cops have your cell phone. Hopefully it won’t occur 24 days after your 17 birthday (assuming you aren’t older). Btw last I check strange men kidnap teenages boys as well as girls.