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Posted on Jul 11th
re: Selena Gomez Nipple Slip (20 comments)

A dime-size nipple is pretty big. A dime-size areola is pretty small. Anyway, I agree that that’s probably not her nipple; a nipple doesn’t usually sit that near one’s cleavage.

Posted on Jul 8th
re: The Crap We Missed - Tuesday 7.8.14 (21 comments)

I don’t think “would dismember and put in suitcase” will catch on with Superficial readers the way “would pee in butt” has.

Posted on Jun 2nd
re: The Crap We Missed - Monday 6.2.14 (19 comments)

Blue boobs! That looks excruciating.

Posted on May 16th
re: Hilary Duff's Ass In Skin-Tight Jeans (2 comments)

If your thigh meat bulges out of the rips of your jeans, you need to try the next size up.

Posted on May 6th
re: Rihanna's Butt Crack Threw An After Party (16 comments)

She obviously doesn’t know the fashion rule: sideboob or butt cleavage, never both.

Posted on May 6th
re: Elizabeth Olsen: MET Gala (8 comments)

Her shoulders look huge. A little too Tonya Harding.

Posted on May 6th
re: MET Gala: WTF Happened Here? (16 comments)

Would someone please tell this woman that scraping her hair into an enormous top knot (or two) makes her face look even longer and thinner? Or better yet, please tell her hairdresser to build a pouf that’s bigger than her head, one of those confectionary hairstyles worn by Marie Antoinette, with stuffed birds, fruit, jewels, figurines, etc. to draw the eyes away from her face.

Posted on May 6th
re: MET Gala: WTF Happened Here? (8 comments)

On the runway, the dress draped very differently on the model: it plunged to the waist, fastened casually at the front, and was sheer. An exquisitely beaded peignoir. Did I mention that I hate Leighton’s shoes, passionately?

Posted on May 6th
re: MET Gala: WTF Happened Here? (12 comments)

Another vote for “rumpled but cute.” Her dishevelment suggests she’s had sex; her smirk that she’s unashamed. I like the heated, bronze makeup; the dress not so much but at least it’s a departure from the frothy, virginal dresses that Marchesa has been known for.

Posted on May 5th
re: The Crap We Missed - Monday 5.5.14 (9 comments)

Looks like Gina Gershon.