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Posted on Dec 12th
re: The Crap We Missed - Friday 12.12.14 (9 comments)

Agreed. She looks much older than 36.

Posted on Dec 5th
re: 'We Are Not Living In A Post-Racial Society' (124 comments)

“The medical examiner said compression of the neck and chest, along with Garner’s positioning on the ground while being restrained by police during the July 17 stop on Staten Island, caused his death.”

Posted on Aug 28th
re: Joan Rivers Is Probably Dead (Update: Or Not) (42 comments)

Holy shite, Abe Vigoda is still alive!

Posted on Aug 27th
re: Alexandra Daddario: 66th Primetime Emmy Awards (13 comments)

Those might be nipple covers.

Posted on Aug 27th
re: January Jones: 66th Primetime Emmy Awards (3 comments)

I think she had a bad hair day, hence the pissy face; her stylist used way too much product in her bangs. She shoulda just pinned them to the side or thrown on a headband.

Posted on Aug 27th
re: Sofia Vergara: 66th Primetime Emmy Awards (3 comments)

Her eyebrows are too thick and bushy for my liking, otherwise she looks all woman to me. Gisele is very angular, both her face and body.

Posted on Jul 11th
re: Selena Gomez Nipple Slip (20 comments)

A dime-size nipple is pretty big. A dime-size areola is pretty small. Anyway, I agree that that’s probably not her nipple; a nipple doesn’t usually sit that near one’s cleavage.

Posted on Jul 8th
re: The Crap We Missed - Tuesday 7.8.14 (21 comments)

I don’t think “would dismember and put in suitcase” will catch on with Superficial readers the way “would pee in butt” has.

Posted on Jun 2nd
re: The Crap We Missed - Monday 6.2.14 (19 comments)

Blue boobs! That looks excruciating.

Posted on May 16th
re: Hilary Duff's Ass In Skin-Tight Jeans (2 comments)

If your thigh meat bulges out of the rips of your jeans, you need to try the next size up.