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Posted on Jul 10th, 2012
re: Happy Birthday, Jessica Simp- JESUS! (112 comments)

Is she trying to get in or out of the vehicle? Are they just testing different rides to see which one she can roll out of the easiest? Otherwise, I don’t get the point of the photo shoot.

Posted on Nov 15th, 2010
re: Jessica Simpson: 'It's Just a Coincidence' (57 comments)

And that my friends is how we have craters on the moon (the “Man on the Moon” was thanks to her funbags, it’ll make any man smile). Thanks for a chuckle, fish!

Posted on Jul 15th, 2010
re: 0715-lindsay-lohan-german-gq-00 (9 comments)

I know when I go bow hunting, I think of sand and camels. Oh, and their sweet toes.

In the third pic, are they selling decks or guitars? For ten I’ll buy both. If they throw in the crackhead with nice boobs, I’ll throw in another fin.