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Cringing. Someone stop her.

Posted on Aug 14th, 2013
re: Lady Gaga's Ridiculous Face Makeup (1 comments)

Geez, she was cute and fun at the beginning of her career. Now… she’s a mess.

I get the feeling that her parents are pieces of shit though. I think Amanda would be better off staying with other relatives or even in a care facility.

Posted on Aug 10th, 2013
re: Amanda Bynes Hides Her Face With A Dog in New York (7 comments)

A pomeranian.

She has pancake tits.

Posted on Aug 7th, 2013
re: The Crap We Missed - Wednesday 8.7.13 (26 comments)

She reminds me of a coworker I had at Starbucks. Totally plain looking but conceited, obnoxious and always looking for attention.

Posted on Aug 2nd, 2013
re: Can We All Agree Jennifer Aniston's Pregnant Now? (33 comments)

If she is, good for her. Justin Theroux is hot.

I hope they’ve taken her dog somewhere better. Can’t believe someone let this dumb bitch have an animal.

Posted on Jul 12th, 2013
re: Britney Spears' Kids Are In Her New Video (29 comments)

The sexual lyrics are making me uncomfortable, this is for kids.

Posted on Jul 12th, 2013
re: The Crap We Missed - Friday 7.12.13 (34 comments)

Classy. Someone wants attention.