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@The Jackie Puppet

Your lack of intelligence makes me wonder what you call your dad/uncle. Is it Duncle or Unclad?

@The Jackie Puppet
“don’t wanna get shot? don’t fucking rob a store and then walk down the middle of the street afterwards. pretty sure he just would have been on his merry way had he not ROBBED and ASSAULTED someone”

Umm, no. That should read, “don’t wanna get shot? don’t walk down the middle of the street.” The end. The police chief himself said the “officer did not know Brown was a robbery suspect when he shot Brown and that the incident was tied only to Wilson’s request that he move out of the street.” From the Chicago Tribune. You literally have zero argument.

Amazing the cop knew to shoot Brown BEFORE he knew Brown was a suspect in a robbery. That’s some prescient judgment shit right there.

Posted on Jul 23rd, 2013
re: Raquel Rischard Bikini Photos: Beverly Hills (1 comments)

“Raquel causes uproar at local pool when she decides to breast feed her hand in public.”

You do realize the body doesn’t have one ideal pH level right? It can’t be overall “too acidic” or “too alkaline.” The body maintains the necessary pH level in each organ system – it’s called homeostasis.