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Posted on Jan 30th, 2013
re: Lindsay Lohan Got Her Ass On A Plane (25 comments)

What in the Carmen Sandiego hell??

Posted on Jan 17th, 2013
re: So This Manti Te'o Business... (35 comments)

Can you imagine the poor trick who saw her pictures on national TV with RIPs scrolling over it?? Thank gawd this is America and the poor thing’ll get a lawsuit, an Oprah interview, and a book deal. Whew.

“Horrified” is not the word you’re looking for here, Meggers

most. annoying. song. ever.

Posted on Nov 8th, 2012
re: The Crap We Missed - Wednesday 11.7.12 (22 comments)

I still would. I’ve no shame.

Needs more Vunter Slaush

Posted on Sep 22nd, 2012
re: Courtney Stodden Took Her New Face To The Grove (5 comments)

And this, my friends, is the face of mid-life crisis and bitter shame.
“Mine?” she guessed, incorrectly, only to keep on whistling that maddening tune she last heard on the radio, that he, a man before Cobain and nine eleven, could only resent and despise. Like his own youth. Like his own sanity. Like hers. Like hers.

Posted on Aug 22nd, 2012
re: The Crap We Missed - Wednesday 8.22.12 (21 comments)

We’re down here, hun

Well, at least there are no visible cankles or flabby arms… which means she’ll be back to uber hotness a few weeks after popping out David Silver’s spawn. Wait did I just support this?

Posted on Aug 21st, 2012
re: Lindsay Lohan Pulled Another Jewel Heist. Allegedly. (52 comments)

What in goddamned gypsy hell is she wearing?