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Posted on May 6th
re: MET Gala: WTF Happened Here? (11 comments)

This is some weird cross between Chiquita Banana and Charo.

Posted on Apr 3rd
re: Farrah Abraham Writes Erotica Now (66 comments)

I wouldn’t classify her as “ugly” exactly. She’s just…well…she’s not particularly pretty. Maybe a touch on the horsey side.

There FTFY.

Posted on Apr 2nd
re: Farrah Abraham Writes Erotica Now (66 comments)

Ellora’s Cave, the publisher of this idiocy, is the competitor to the company I work for (I’m an erotica editor… yes, I read this stuff for a living) and I feel horrid for the authors that will forever be tied with this horse-faced twit. EC is already receiving backlash from actually accepting this trash not only from authors but from their readers, as well. Granted, the erotica business is a wretched place to be ever since 50 Shades came out and the big eBook retailers are on a banning spree, but we wouldn’t even stoop this low.

Posted on Jul 27th, 2012
re: The Crap We Missed - Friday 7.27.12 (73 comments)

I’m surprised they didn’t cast Tara in the new Total Recall to carry Quato. No makeup or prosthetics needed.

Posted on May 17th, 2012
re: the-crap-we-missed-0517-25 (37 comments)

“They said I ruined those other kids… well I’ll show them!” ~ Dina thinks to herself shortly before pimping this child out to Pampers.