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Well, well, well, you certainly are El Jefe. You spoke the truth in a sea of dribbling losers and baby killers. You are a hero, and I mean that sincerely. Maybe I am giving this Fish character too much credit but I think he wanted to demonstrate exactly what happened here in the comments. Further, his second to last line with the mention of ISIS, is peculiar. Is he acknowledging US soldiers are easily confused with ISIS, being that both groups are vicious murderers and created and commanded by Washington, or was it just a lame joke? Is he smarter than he appears or just another shit liberal who spews piss out their mouth every time it opens? Time will tell, time will tell…Oh, and Amy Adams, you’re an ugly as fuck ginger with a pig snout and military dick in your ass. Don’t give up a seat, give up cocksucking and latte drinking and sign-up!

Posted on Jun 27th
re: Blonde Kim Kardashian in New York City (4 comments)

looks like typical NYC folks, fat Dominicans abound who all think they look like kk

Posted on Jun 27th
re: Blonde Kim Kardashian in New York City (1 comments)

what fucking losers.

Posted on Jun 27th
re: Blonde Kim Kardashian in New York City (2 comments)

she also overfills her nasolabial folds. if she let them crease a bit, it would shorten the gap, but it is true, they screwed up her nose. it is a great nose for a European but it does not fit that Armenian face. she had a beautiful face before.

Posted on Jun 27th
re: Blonde Kim Kardashian in New York City (4 comments)

if she was trying to “steal Beyonce’s look”, kim would shave her head bald and put a blonde wig on. The real reason you’re saying that is because black women in particular hold beyonce up as the most beautiful amongst them, which is laughable because she is half bleached, and you feel kim is prettier and it unsettles you. Oh, kim would also need to get thunder thighs, grow her nose 10 sizes, shrink her eyes and uh, be black. The only thing they have in common are fake tits and nose jobs and even those look way different. I don’t even like kk because she is a snore but what is this kim wants to be beyonce nonsense? They look nothing alike and I didn’t know beyonce had a monopoly on blonde wigs. Oh look, BeyoncĂ© is trying to be Paris Hilton. Wait a minute, that is kind of true, skin bleaching, liposuction, making her nose and lips smaller…hmm, curious how that works, isn’t it?

it pays to pay for big tits.

Posted on Jun 18th
re: Kim Kardashian, Her Tits & Her Daughter North in NYC (8 comments)

not, they are fake, they will stay up. Sometimes her face s very pretty but her body is always beyond disgusting, fat midget with an atrocious ass.

you can see it in her face. Plus, I do not know why everyone thinks she is out of his league. Last I checked she is average looking, threatening to go fat on us and has no talent to speak of. And it has to be said, she is a Hispanic girl and they are really pathetic when it comes to men. Desperado.

Two individuals attending the same event does NOT mean they had sex with. I think you pose as a hetero but are really homosexual and have a crush on bieber. How else can you explain being delusional enough to think Adriana Lima would have sex with the butt ugly, annoying as shit lesbian? And the pis and vid you showed of said event was proof, she gave him that fake smile mixed with ‘not a chance loser but I am smiling because I’m uncomfortable and I kind of have to acknowledge you considering we had some form of business together earlier but you ended up stalking me all night and I sort of feel sorry for you and I’m sort of insulted you think you would have a chance but I’m hot so Ill take pity while letting you know-back off little asshole’. You don’t know that smile because you have never been rejected by a hot chick because you don’t like chicks!

lots and lots if Botox and fillers on this one which is yes, quite scary, especially on that massive forehead.