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Yeah, except that when Duff’s spleen burst from boozing… Duff stated in his memoir, that Axl was the only one to call him to see how he was. So you can pick and choose which parts of the book to focus on.. there was a lot of negative and a lot of positive. Not to mention Duff explicitly says that he’s not positive he remembers things correctly since he was fucked up all the time.

You said it Merg. And how come no one cares that Izzy is also going to be a no show?

You people are fucking idiots and no nothing about the band or its history. Slash, Duff, Izzy & Matt all quit. And btw, Duff and Matt stayed on long after Slash quit. They left, Axl and Dizzy continued on.. as they should. If you’re angry, be angry with the guys who bailed on the fans and bailed on the band. Not the guy who continues to bring you GnR 20 years later. So sick of the jackassery. Seriously, Slash & Duff had serious addiction issues, they couldn’t continue to fulfill their obligations and quit. So stick that in your loser pipes and smoke it.