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Just Goddamnit. Something was on the news this week that mentioned Karen Carpenter. That was a talented woman who we lost far too soon. That woman played the drums and had the best voice ever recorded. In the 70s, it was called “talent.” Today, we get this shit. What has this bitch ever done to be noteworthy? She got screwed and pissed on in a video. She poses naked.

Go Google “Karen Carpenter” and watch some videos on YouTube and you’ll see just how far our society has fallen.

Deluded whore.

Posted on Nov 13th
re: Kim Kardashian's Butt Is Naked (54 comments)

l would like someone in Corporate America to tell us why the fuck these whores are being shoved down our throats every day? This big ass woman is a whore and her mother is a whore. The whore in these photos has a sex tape of her getting peed on. Why are these woman on tv shows and magazine covers? There are plenty of other more worthy individuals, but instead all we get is this, the lowest common denominator trailer trash whores who’ve already done this thing before. I guess the royalty checks ran dry.

Posted on Oct 11th
re: Amanda Bynes Walking Around NYC Smoking a Joint (7 comments)

The only thing you are worried about in this story is VPL? smh

Kaplan is the same low life who milked Britney Spears’s divorce (he represented Federline) because of all of the attorney fees he could generate from that. Britney had to pay HIM because Federline certainly couldn’t. Kaplan lambasting this woman over “millions of dollars” is a joke when Kaplan does the same thing himself every single day.

This woman is obviously very mentally ill and, I’m sorry to say, needs to be put back in the care of a conservator. Things are going to get worse this time, I think we all know.

Posted on Sep 21st
re: Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchison at World of Wonder (2 comments)

Fish — save your photo budget for something we haven’t already seen. This is just a rerun pose from this hobag.

Posted on Sep 11th
re: The Palins Beat The Shit Out of An Entire Party (91 comments)

Maybe a few too many trips to the trailer park…..or the rats haven’t come out of her hair yet.

Posted on Sep 1st
re: Kate Upton Has Leaked Nude Photos, Too (62 comments)

Wow. Kate Upton sure has lots of tits and no brains. Why does she have to be her own pornographer? It’s so funny how the kids (under 30) today all think they are the first ones to ever have sex. Why they need to document it on their own personal devices is beyond me. Hard to feel sorry for anyone who complains about their “invasion of privacy.” No one stuck a lens through your windows. You did this to yourselves.

Posted on Aug 29th
re: Rihanna Bikini Photos: Sicily (6 comments)

She is trash.