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Posted on Apr 11th
re: Amanda Bynes' Mom Is A F*cking Idiot (47 comments)

Yes, of course, Mrs Bynes. Because so many people who smoke weed are diagnosed as “gravely disabled” and have a conservatorship over them.

Posted on Apr 11th
re: Dylan Penn Poses Nude For 'Treats!' (19 comments)

That’s quite a crotch shot How long before she regrets that?

Posted on Apr 11th
re: Sean Penn Has A Hot Daughter (19 comments)


Posted on Apr 9th
re: Amanda Bynes Is In A Bikini (16 comments)

Sometimes one is a parent (and by that, I mean full-time parenting) for the rest of their lives. It does happen. It’s good she has her parents there for her.

Posted on Apr 9th
re: Amanda Bynes Is In A Bikini (16 comments)

I gave you the thumbs down because of your first comment. This poor woman has had much bigger problems than pleasing you with her body. It is encouraging to see her doing so much better.

She’s barely bigger than a boy.

Posted on Mar 26th
re: Oh, Yeah, Anna Wintour Made The Right Call (41 comments)

Here’s how this goes:

Look at me.

Look at ME!


I want my privacy.

Posted on Mar 11th
re: Justin Bieber Really Is An Awful Little Shithead (105 comments)

He’s right about one thing: he has been detrimental to his career.

Posted on Mar 1st
re: Justin Bieber's Dad's Relationship Is Falling Apart (14 comments)

Oh you must be new here. Or a troll. We don’t do “articles” on the Superfish, sweetheart.

Posted on Feb 17th
re: Miley Cyrus X-Rated Live Bangerz Tour: Vancouver (57 comments)

She is truly pathetic.