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Fish — save your photo budget for something we haven’t already seen. This is just a rerun pose from this hobag.

Posted on Sep 11th
re: The Palins Beat The Shit Out of An Entire Party (91 comments)

Maybe a few too many trips to the trailer park…..or the rats haven’t come out of her hair yet.

Posted on Sep 1st
re: Kate Upton Has Leaked Nude Photos, Too (62 comments)

Wow. Kate Upton sure has lots of tits and no brains. Why does she have to be her own pornographer? It’s so funny how the kids (under 30) today all think they are the first ones to ever have sex. Why they need to document it on their own personal devices is beyond me. Hard to feel sorry for anyone who complains about their “invasion of privacy.” No one stuck a lens through your windows. You did this to yourselves.

Posted on Aug 29th
re: Rihanna Bikini Photos: Sicily (6 comments)

She is trash.

Posted on Aug 26th
re: Lindsay Lohan Parties In SoHo (2 comments)

Pathetic. She’s done that for years now. Time to move on, girlfriend.

I think if he would just come out and admit it, the cruel comments would go away. Until he acknowledges it, people make fun of it. His accomplishment still stands, regardless of his or her gender.

No, but that’s because I don’t o there. But I’m not surprised to hear that.

“more than 50 percent of Americans still identify as conservative.”

Huh? I don’t think 50%.

You must be new here. . Rush Limbaugh puts on a show. I doubt he believes most of the drivel that slimes out of his mouth. He is all about villanizing and minimizing others. Nothing to be admired, so why do you defend him?

Can anyone think of a more vapid, fame-whoring family than this one? I can’t.