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Good for him. She always struck me as a chick who would let you pee on her.

Posted on Oct 7th
re: Jessica Lange Snubbing Lea Michele Wants To Help (19 comments)

Butterface. Also, Quit trying to make Lea Michelle happen. It’s not going to happen.

Little known tidbit about schizophrenia. Unlike most mental disorders it can actually be diagnosed with an x-ray of the brain. P.E.T scans are the first step in diagnosing someone w/ schizophrenia.
Her parents are probably right. I know lots of people her age, (usually a little younger) who are just so carelessly full of themselves and painfully unaware of how their behavior seems and affects others. And if she’s smoking a lot of pot, that would certainly explain the paranoia.

Posted on Sep 9th
re: ashlee-simpson-bikini-01 (5 comments)

no, but I am now. and while we’re at it, I’m gonna wonder about me snorting coke off of her ass.

Posted on Jul 15th
re: This Is A Post About Hilary Duff's Butt (15 comments)

She’s cute, for a midget.

Neither (D)Opie or Anthony or anyone involved in that show are
that cunning.

Never thought I’d agree with something out of that blowhard’s mouth.
But, as someone who’s quoted as saying he’d date his own daughter
well, what can you say;