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Posted on May 19th
re: Bella Thorne Bikini Photos: Miami (2 comments)

1997, 1997, 1997, 1997

I met her and her son the other day and she was very nice and she looked great in person. Was genuinely surprised that she would be so friendly.

Cool story, bruh, I know.

Posted on Apr 28th
re: Donald Sterling Is The Racist D*ckbag We Deserve (115 comments)

Eventually the Democrat racism bubbles over and we have ugly episodes like this. I’m just glad this Democrat cockroach is being shown for the racist that he is.

Posted on Apr 28th
re: Donald Sterling Is The Racist D*ckbag We Deserve (115 comments)

The Democrat Party is the Party of Slavery – always has been. The fact that this guy is a Democrat is, of course, not surprising. Hell, the Dems had a frigging Grand Kleagle as one of their highest ranking members for a looooooong time.

Posted on Apr 22nd
re: GOOP Is Nothing But A Common Debtor (22 comments)

A thumbs up isn’t enough. Well done.

Jesus Christ, the faux logic required to twist your mind into being a Liberal* is just too fucking stupid to even care about.

Stay in school, kids.

*notice the big-el, which signifies a proper noun, because there is absolutely nothing liberal about Liberals. Classical liberals are what we call conservatives. Big-el Liberals are simply authoritarians.

Posted on Mar 11th
re: Christians Hate 'Cosmos?' How Unexpected (95 comments)

It’s a bold position to hate Christians in 2014 America. SO BRAVE!!!

Posted on Feb 12th
re: Kristen Stewart Wrote A Poem (78 comments)

OK that’s pretty good

Posted on Jan 29th
re: The Crap We Missed - Wednesday 1.29.14 (13 comments)

That’s her psychological support dog, Shug! Aww, Shug carried her for so long, now she’s happy to carry him.

Clearly, she would’ve made a fine Senator.

If a 55yr old white woman is saying things like “get off my dick haterzz!” it means that this scourge of faux-ghetto slang is truly over. Our society will be the better for it.