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Posted on Dec 12th
re: Scott Stapp Threatened To Assassinate Obama (20 comments)

What is it with shitty shitty musicians and threatening to assassinate Obama? Nugent, Strapp, like every 4th country music star who’s album fails to chart in the top 250.

Posted on Nov 6th
re: Jessica Chastain's Probably Captain Marvel (23 comments)

I was going to be upset and suggest Deborah Ann Woll for Ms. Marvel, but then I went to IMDB and found out she’s Karen Paige for Dare Devil and went “That’s ok”

So what I get from this is that two awful people just ended up sticking it to them selves. He likely bad touched children, and she in an attempt tp spite him breaking marriage and therapeutic privilege just basically meant she can’t really ever get alimony.

Posted on Oct 22nd
re: Shia LaBeouf's A Metamodernist Christian Now (16 comments)

I would take 1000 of those dumb ass, Holier then thou, tell you that every hurricane that happens is because of abortion gays or premarital sex, think the earth is 3000 years old, hypocritical, bastard Christians then Shia joining in on my faith. I can at least get those people for as fucked up as they are.

He turned to god and got a bong hit? And not a fucking good one. He is the guy who after their first hit thinks they’re a great philosopher but all they come out with is “The world would be better if nobody ever wore pants cause if we all saw how really vulnerable we all actuality are then nobody would ever fight.”

My head canon is that after her first major break down something snapped inside her. She had her one bad day and they realized that nothing matters and is now basically the Joker. Her handlers realized you can’t market nihilistic, sociopathic, murderous pop starlets. So they drug her to keep her in a stupor.

But every few years she starts to pick up a resistance and they have to ween her off the current batch of meds to place her on her cocktail, but it is the time of fear. Her father’s heart stops every time there is one knife missing. He walks down a hall way slowly fumbling for the lights all he hears echoing out “Sometimes I run, Sometimes I hide. Sometimes I’m scared of you.” and the shuffling of feet.

Posted on Oct 14th
re: And Now Chris Brown Will Solve Ebola (27 comments)

Wait, a celebrity spoke out the side of their ass on a subject they would have little to no knowledge on and then with in 3 minutes went “I am an idiot and will shut up now.”

I do not know or understand this new strange world we live in. Someone bring we the reassuring glow of a reality show star from the early 00′s or a sitcom star of the mid to late 90′s telling me how vaccines cause autism. I need to be made to feel safe.

Posted on Oct 9th
re: Holy Sh*t, It's The Reverse-Flash! (18 comments)

We all love Wally and are less in his absence. But the New 52 is filthy people and we will speak of them no more.

Posted on Oct 9th
re: Holy Sh*t, It's The Reverse-Flash! (18 comments)

… I wanna like this show so much. Like the only way I can like this show better is if this was wally west. And then I see the costuming. Which looks like kinky latex sex suits.

This is the show I that when I’m caught watching it I’m trying to explain it will do everything to me the stuff other shows won’t even consider. Weird stuff.

I get that most actors think that they are going to make it big and win an Oscar, but at some point to make your bones you are going to do movies that offend your sensibilities and artistic integrity cause you’ve got rent to pay.

There are 3 damn choices. First bite down do it and be bitchy about it (in private. Public just makes you a god damn tool). Pull an Ewan McGreggor where you realize that for every 3 indie films you love making is going to be financed by doing one soulless block buster (And if you have a big one your residuals and back end deal might mean you can eventually stop doing so many of them). Or take a page out of Patrick Stewart’s book and just realize that you can dive in whole hog and try to be the bright shinning light in a very shitty movie.

Posted on Sep 23rd
re: Kris & Bruce Jenner Filed For Divorce (22 comments)

So does this mean Kris will be going back to her maiden name? Cause I can’t pronounce “That which corrupts all it touches” in the black speech of Mordor. Too many rolling Rs.