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Other than the Ebert Jaw Joke, I hope this guy just tries to review for comedy’s sake…either that or he flunked out of film school and this was the only work available.

Cap’s shield is made of Vibranium, an element that apparently absorbs any vibration directed at it..per Howard Stark in Captain America: The First Avenger. THAT’S how Cap took the Mjolnir Misadventure and came out in one piece.

The movie was excellent and you can’t compare Whedon and Nolan. Can’t. They’re too different type of film makers although Whedon should NOW get his justified recognition as a talented Michael Bey and put that fag out of work.

I like Jeremy Renner in everything I’ve seen him in but I do agree that two people that only bring circus performer like reflexes and hand/eye coordination to the fight shouldn’t be there.

MY best two moments: When The Hulk sucker punched Thor a’la Nick Nolte to Eddie Murphy in 48 Hours and when Harry Dean Stanton calmly interrogated a nekkid Mark Ruffalo only to come to the conclusion that “…son, you’ve got a condition.”