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Posted on Jun 25th, 2012
re: It's DJ Paris Hilton (33 comments)

Why don’t you try producing a techno song then, making a live Dj set. Paris hilton completely destroying her performance is proof she cannot do it right, its not easy. She can beatmatch, mix, or even have the volume at the right level. And she probably can out-dj you since she at least knows how to run a CDJ. I can’t teach a monkey to do any of that nor a house plant wtf are you on crack? Also, i have yet to see my macbook make music on its on, get it on beatport and make me a millionaire. If all it took was geting the tools to be creative to BECOME a creator, then everyone could make a song and get it charted on beatport and make a lot of money, but its not easy. Requires not only musical knowledge, but also technical knowledge, from working with MIDI, Synths, WAVE files, compressors, reverbs, EQ’s … I paid $65,000 in education just to teach me how to produce music on a computer at one of the best schools in the country. Why the fuck are ignorant fools like you given access to comment sections. Go read something educational instead of bashing an artform you have no clue how it works.