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Posted on Dec 3rd
re: Taylor Swift: Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2 comments)

So, Taylor Swift stole Lean Rimes’ teeth?

Posted on Oct 20th
re: Ray Rice Could Be Reinstated Next Month (54 comments)

Slow clap to you, sir. You have made the most moronic comment I have read on here EVER! So every time a man beats a woman, it’s okay because maybe she hit her head on something and THAT knocked her out? Are you even for real? Nobody, regardless of gender, should ever put their hands on anybody else. And Hope Solo should face charges for her actions. Domestic violence is a huge problem in this country as is victim blaming and you’re Exhibit A. I can just hear you say “She deserved to be raped, she was walking alone at night.”

Posted on Aug 17th, 2012
re: Teen Mom Farrah's Music Video Has To Be Child Abuse, Has To Be (63 comments)

Couldn’t even watch a full minute of that fuckery.