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Posted on Oct 18th
re: John Grisham: 'Child Porn Is Bad, I Am An Idiot' (28 comments)

Nice analogy.

Wrong Russia has been 16 for over a decade.

But Vermont for example trusts you to have sex with a 50 year old guy at age 16, so to quote our learned correspondent, dafuq?

The voice of reason. If there’s grass on the pitch, let’s play.

Posted on Oct 8th
re: Stephen Collins Fired From 'Ted 2' (27 comments)

If you were King of the World, and could do what you wanted with impunity, what age would be your lower limit. Be honest with yourself.

Posted on Oct 1st
re: Lena Dunham Believes In Paying Artists Now (20 comments)

“some good points were raised” = “there was an avalanche of tweets calling me a greedy cunt”

Dude any chick who fame whores with Butler has my utter contempt. WTH is she expecting to get out of it? 15 minutes? A pay cheque baby? Stallone used to flush his condoms down the toilet so his conquests wouldn’t use them to get pregnant. Boris Becker got a BJ and the chick used that to get pregnant. LOL.

Posted on Sep 27th
re: Gerard Butler Groping Some Chick on a Paddleboard (4 comments)

Afterwards it’s a definite possibility.

Posted on Sep 27th
re: Gerard Butler at Coachella 2012 (4 comments)

Take me to your dealer.

Posted on Sep 19th
re: The Other Models Are Mean To Kendallâ„¢, You Guys (43 comments)

Picky Picky. If she was an unknown, she would fit in very well as a model for her looks and body.