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I agree that Leann was probably drunk/high and did mess Carly up/ as did the split of the pop vote but I’ve heard from multiple sources that Carly’s team picked LeAnn in hopes of stealing away part of the country vote; although I wish they had fought her harder on that and helped her get Carried Underwood or some country star with good publicity and who can sing…
as sad as I am she lost when I think she’s a better singer/more talented, its been said that Syco records signed all of the top 4- an official announcement for Emblem has already gone out and Fifth Harmony, and Carly Rose will have announcements in early January according to somewhere I read. Even if Simon and LA don’t go through with signing her then she’s gonna still have a crazy good career and someone else will sign her because she’s a prodigy. She should work with Trapper from The Next Big Thing NY, he gets people signed/on broadway all the time- and she’s as good as his other girls.