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Posted on May 17th, 2012
re: Katy Perry's Goth Now (45 comments)

She’s hardly “gone Goth” So she’s wearing a black dress and dark lipstick. That doesn’t make you a Goth. The dark eyeshadow isn’t exactly over the top so it may be remotely Goth inspired It’s her stylists that have done it, I know lots of women who wear dark eyeshadow on a daily basis who aren’t Goth. As for the hair, yeah she’s died it a darker shade of purple, It’s not like she’s been solely blonde for the past few and suddenly died it a new colour. To claim she’s “gone Goth” is not only misled but also a dumb comment. It’s just a look for an event. It’s not like she’s the first woman ever to match a dark lipstick with a black dress.