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Why is the blame always shifted onto the men? what makes you think it wasn’t her that fucked things up that ultimately turned HIM off? Apparently men are always 110% at fault. Let a bitch of my try that and she’ll be put in place right quick.

and of course, we have a one woman, with “wimin logic” trying to rationalize her way out of it and do and say anything to shift blame to men. The two pussy whipped, castrated idiots thats either a victim of all of the feminist BS

Most women are. They lay there with their legs spread like a dead fish. Say nothing, then blame the men.

Thats generally how most girls are. “Claiming to be bi” in front of guys solely for attention. Most if not all women are attention whores.

Both of these women are attractive, ask yourself this. Have you ever actually see an attractive lesbian couple where you wanted to plow both of them? The answer is probably no :P

Posted on Sep 19th, 2012
re: Chick-Fil-A Stops Donations To Anti-Gay Groups (68 comments)

” “Derfend f’eedom a speech!””

Except it was a freedom of speech issue. Sure the 1st amendment may protect us from being thrown in jail or ticketed..But who cares? At this point id rather get a ticket. If you’re in the public eye and exercise your right to free speech and its something that isn’t shared amongst the majority there will be even more severe consequences than actually getting a ticket. If you’re a rich athlete and say something wrong orgainizations will then use HARASSMENT tactics, copy+paste neato little pretyped templates as well as post the contact info of all of that persons endorsements,etc then harass said people DEMANDING that person be dropped. GLAAD demanded that poor airline pilot be fired right after they demanded an apology and got one. You can’t whine about wanting to be treated equal but then turn around and call for boycotts, demand a person be fired,etc for saying something you don’t agree with. At this point in time you can’t even disagree with a gay or black guy without being labeled a racist or a homophobic bigot. ppft. Remember kids, its ok to have your own opinion, as long as it agrees with everyone else.

I think the funniest part out of this lame ass chick-fil-a crap is the LGBT community DEMANDING a boycott, but chick-fil-a ended up having record breaking sells. Nice job, all they did was create publicity that made the company even MORE money to donate to anti-gay organizations. America’s stupidity never seizes to amaze me.

Posted on Sep 14th, 2012
re: Octomom's On Welfare, Receiving Death Threats (51 comments)


On a more serious note its honestly mind blowing how much celebs can get away with and how many major traffic violations they can pile up and STILL be allowed to drive. So shes driving with a suspended license, smoking weed how and why has she not been arrested? Are they catered to because they are rich and famous or is the California legal system really this much of a joke. Lindsay and this girl should be banned from driving. Whats it going to take? Lindsay getting coked and boozed up and then killing a 4 year old kid? Or would she be able to get out of it after 5 days in jail.

Posted on Apr 3rd, 2012
re: Octomom's On Welfare, Receiving Death Threats (51 comments)

Birth control is more reliable than a thin piece of latex with 234908302 holes poked in it. Go around stabbing bimbos in their ovaries , sir. Because it’s clear we don’t need anymore people in the world like you.

Posted on Apr 2nd, 2012
re: Octomom's On Welfare, Receiving Death Threats (51 comments)

My grandfather worked his entire life, and only gets 1200 bucks a month. This girl purposely got pregnant and now we have to pay for it. Don’t you just love the shitty country?

If some 16 year old girl wants to go out spreading her legs without thinking of the consequences she should be forced to pay for the abortion or not be allowed government assistance. No one is forcing her to have sex. Sex is a choice. This Angelina Jolie wannabe chose to be artificially inseminated in an attempt to be fucking famous. Are you kidding me? Give her kids to foster care and make her ass work.

Women better not whine and complain about gender equality and womens rights in countries like America..”American Girls – Lay on your back and we’ll pay you to take loads!”

Posted on Apr 2nd, 2012
re: Octomom's On Welfare, Receiving Death Threats (51 comments)

The single mothers defending her is priceless. A bunch of dumb skanks that couldn’t keep their legs closed. Got pregnant. Then expects us to pay for their responsibility.