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Posted on Aug 15th, 2012
re: Miley Cyrus Shows Off New Haircut On Twitter (15 comments)

No kidding! I’ve lived in tidier looking punk houses. Clean up a little bit already.

Firstly there are doubts expressed by many medical professionals that her son isn’t autistic at all. I know they only have medical training and years of experience to back them up against Ms McCarthy’s super-genius but I generally side with the people who have studied things. Secondly it was less than 2 years ago that she was claiming her son had “recovered” from his alleged autism. So why is she playing up his supposed “autism” again? Did he have a relapse? Or was she totally wrong in spite of her grand pronouncements that doctors “don’t know everything”? And if the kid is autistic having someone not there permanently is pretty bad for the kid from what those experts say. Once again I know the doctors aren’t the geniuses Jenny is with her brilliant diagnostic abilities but still I just might take their opinion more seriously than hers, groundbreaking work in Playboy and Two and a Half Men notwithstanding.

I really hope someone gives this dingbat a daytime show with Woody Harrelson where they can dispense their deep wisdom on matters of health and nutrition.