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Alimony has nothing to do with kids, that’s child support.

Alimony came about so that a woman, who historically had to rely on her husband for everything, would have nothing after a divorce.

Demi is a working woman, with quite a bit of money and can support herself with no problems. If she is seeking anything more than compensation for legal fees, she’s a bitch. If a judge awards her anything more, then he’s a jackass.

Considering that our founding fathers used guns to overthrow a government that they disagreed with, he may be pretty close to what they really did intend with the 2nd amendment.

Posted on Dec 14th, 2012
re: Kristen Stewart at a Screening of 'On The Road' (13 comments)

Don’t know about the dress, but those are definitely her grandma’s underwear

So, all the people who worked on his campaign, who were now basically out of a job, were surprised that he credit cards that they only had by merit of having that job were surprised that they didn’t work anymore?

When I no longer work for a company, I expect them to shut that shit down right away as well.

Probably a good thing that he’s not playing Jason Bourne then, isn’t it

He has a point, he’s not happy with having what could have been a cool character being reduced to a robot for most of the movie. He’s not shitting on the character, and would probably love to play him again, just not be a brainwashed version of that character in the sequel…