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im not reading thru all the comments to see if this has been said, if it has my apologies, but just a moment of nerdy “well actually”, hulk CAN pick up thor’s hammer, he has in the comics, and if you watch the ultimate avengers animated feature, not only does he pick it up he also hit’s thor repeatedly with it, in tthis movie hulk didnt have enough time to muster the strength as it does take him a moment of raging to do so, but you could also see that the floor beneath the hulk was giving way so if he did pick it up he might be a few floors below before he did, and yea they left thor in a field, hulkj woke up in a unkown abandoned warehouse who knows where and made it to downtown new york on a scooter, longer off screen than thor, but you can only put so much awesome in 2 1/2 hours, i’m curious to see the dynamic between banner and stark, they left together at the end, there could be something there story wise, and would give them a good reason to design iron-man’s hulkbuster armor.