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Posted on Jul 18th
re: Uh, Guys, I Don't Think It Was The Russians (67 comments)

This is the second Malyasian Plane this year that has gone down due to mysterious circumstances.

Posted on Jul 13th
re: Kim Kardashian's Marriage Is Already Falling Apart (39 comments)

Starting to actually feel sorry for him.

Posted on Apr 9th
re: Taylor Swift's Parents Are Katherine Heigl-ing Her (15 comments)

So she does not put out with ever guy she has dated, good more power to her. If a guy is just dating her just to get is willy wet, well He is not a good guy in the long run.

Posted on Apr 8th
re: Taylor Swift's Parents Are Katherine Heigl-ing Her (15 comments)

On the other hand, Taylor has not gone down the path Lohan or MIley has so they must be doing something right. I could understand her parents wanting to keep her safe from the sharks and sleaze that infests the industry especially with her starting at 16.

Posted on Apr 8th
re: Taylor Swift's Parents Are Katherine Heigl-ing Her (15 comments)

I think this is all about perspective, Taylor has a certain image to maintain, I heard that she has m,ore restrictions on her dancers and employers unlike other performers. She cannot have her people be seen out getting drunk and stupid.
Part of this could be her parents and people trying to protect the “brand”

There is a difference between being demanding and being difficult.

Posted on Mar 20th
re: Fred Phelps Is Dead (1929 - 2014) (69 comments)

This guy probably did more to help the Gay cause then ever hurt it. In the end the gays never looked better than those assholes.

Posted on Mar 12th
re: Christians Hate 'Cosmos?' How Unexpected (95 comments)

The God of the fundamentalist is a SMALL God, that is because this God only exists between the margins of scientific knowledge. They refuse to listen to or follow any latest scientific discoveries and breakthroughs because they do not want anything to shake up their fragile worldview, they need to keep those margins wide.

Does Kanye even comprehend what kind of family He has gotten himself involved in? WHORING is what they do, and it is all they live for and think about.

Posted on Feb 5th
re: DMX Is Fighting George Zimmerman (45 comments)

Zim will probaly date Casey Anthony after this, shoot a man to death and and become a fame whore.

Someone should punch him in the head….nevermind.