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Posted on Nov 4th
re: Welp, The Democrats Just Lost (36 comments)

I’m gonna guess that the Dems are losing because they’ve lied, manipulated, and generally (as always) ended up in bed with everything they’re supposedly against.

Y’know…attacking the Patriot Act, then defending the NSA…

….a health bill that was confirmed to be based on lies and distortions, with yet more costs reportedly being released AFTER the election…

…lacking the solidarity to stand with their own prez, showing that the whole party is basically scattered and spineless…

…singed 3 straight NDAA bills the fuck over our due process…

…promised to keep the special interests at bay, but hired a ton of former lobbyists…

….have Nancy Pelosi in their corner, which is a massive anchor around the neck…

….have pathetic foreign policy in place, making even talking heads at MSNBC said we needed to have elected Romney, because we needed someone “competent”…

…and…well, there’s a ton more. Anyway, those are my guesses as to why the Dems are losing.

However, both “main” parties are complete shit, and I’ll start this now: GARY JOHNSON and the LIBERTARIAN PARTY FOR 2016!!!!

Posted on Sep 17th
re: Adrian Peterson's Nike Contract Is Suspended (19 comments)

Let’s all clap our stupid little hands, now, as social media and popular opinion have trumped due process and proper investigation!!!

(for you sad, moronic people genuinely clapping (Fish, I’m sure you’re one of ‘em), that was sarcasm.)

Hey, Fish…

…about the “dangling Robin” bit wasted on these whores-in-training…

…you’ll never be missed like he is. Know that, and edit the damned post. He deserves much better than to be a one-liner in a post about the next generation of vapid shallowness.

Y’know…I avoid FoxNews and MSNBC equally, for the exact same reasons: people watching biased BS as “news” don’t really want news, they want babbling twits on TV to agree with them. One thing I do find kinda telling, though:

celebs talking trash about FoxNews is interesting when you didn’t see them getting on MSNBC for their “shit in Palin’s mouth” stupidity, or making fun of the Romneys for adopting a (gasp!) darker-pigmented child than they create with their own DNA. MSNBC, whose ratings are basically bottom of the barrel, has been off-the-charts horrible in the last year or more…

…where, exactly was the outrage?

Like I said, I watch neither…but celebs only seem to be offended by the actions of one “side”. That’s about as shocking as Russell Brand making shitty movies.

Posted on Jun 25th
re: Gary Oldman Is Sorry, Jews (50 comments)

Here’s the line right at the beginning of the apology that should be clear:

“I am deeply remorseful that comments I recently made in the Playboy Interview were offensive to many Jewish people. ”

He’s not sorry he said it, he’s sorry people overreacted to it. I don’t see a lot of backtracking here, more like clarification.

Posted on Jun 25th
re: Gary Oldman's Career Was Fun (1982 - 2014) (132 comments)

Fish saw something that might be kinda not totally leftist, and he went off on yet another predictable twit-rant, with most comments taking the opposite view.

Either he plays a moronic ultra-lefty to drum up business in the comments section, or he must sob every time his rants go wrong.

Posted on Jun 24th
re: Gary Oldman's Career Was Fun (1982 - 2014) (132 comments)

Yep, I still like Gary. Maybe more than I already did.

A point that he made, pretty clearly, yet is still lost on many of the people replying, is that making a lawsuit or a national scandal out of every angry, blurted word is the price of PC stupidity. He didn’t support hacking on Jews, or demand the right to use the “n-word”, he said that the PC society is BS. He’s totally right about that, there’s far less tolerance than any time I’ve seen before. Every word must be interpreted as literal, too many people are just twitching to be victimized by anything and everything, and let’s face it: he’s completely, utterly right about using humor to sidestep these rules.

I’ve seen some of Krauthammer’s stuff, and he can be extremely intelligent and reasonable in his statements/arguments. Granted, Fish will get his knickers knotted because he seems determined to make a moron of himself at the mention of anything even vaguely right-leaning…but keep in mind that he makes a living with celebrity boobs, Lindsay Lohan scandals, and claims that he masturbates in his mom’s basement. Anyone seeing this as an opinion for actual matters in society should get “challenged” tattooed across their foreheads as a warning to others.

I’m hoping Gary’s interview leads to more people realizing how stupid, how useless, and how damaging the “hair trigger victimization” is in our society.

Ummm…because in a “free” country, we’re supposedly judged by our actions.

Sorry you, and so very many others, missed the memo.

Fish has declared that having “guns in the house” equals “survivalist”.

Look in the comments above, boys and girls, the complete f**kwit actually makes that level of utterly moronic, useless, and incorrect generalization in his continuing piss-fest against guns and gun owners.

When Fish does anything about all the non-celebrities that gun each other down, usually in cities with the strictest gun laws, it’d begin to seem like he had an opinion that wasn’t pure bulls**t on the matter.

However, he’d also have to contend with the incredible stats (y’know, from the really-real world) that show just how mind-bendingly STUPID his constant hate-fest on guns has become.

Any time Fish has gone on about politics or guns, he’s been a blatant idiot with some of the most easily overturned “points” in internet history. His dumbass prejudices take away form what is, otherwise, a funny site.

Kinda sad to ruin it with f**ktard behavior.

Congrats on proving yourself less intelligent than Lindsay Lohan’s crotch sweat, Fish! Congrats on confirming libby paranoia is based on stupidity!

What’s really, really evident,here…is that you don’t give two shits about guns, unless you can spew moronic shit against Conservatives, somehow. Where’s you bleeding heart for all the minority gun crimes (strangely, in the cities with the harshest gun laws)? Just plain missing, it seems.

Seriously, you drooling moron…stick with pregnancy accusations and celebrity boobs. Your rants against the Right make you seem further afield than the Glen Becks of the world, which is kinda frightening.

Education would help…or, maybe, ask if Piers Morgan will put you in his luggage when he takes his similarly-moronic-and-paranoid anti-gun stupidity back to the UK.