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Fish has declared that having “guns in the house” equals “survivalist”.

Look in the comments above, boys and girls, the complete f**kwit actually makes that level of utterly moronic, useless, and incorrect generalization in his continuing piss-fest against guns and gun owners.

When Fish does anything about all the non-celebrities that gun each other down, usually in cities with the strictest gun laws, it’d begin to seem like he had an opinion that wasn’t pure bulls**t on the matter.

However, he’d also have to contend with the incredible stats (y’know, from the really-real world) that show just how mind-bendingly STUPID his constant hate-fest on guns has become.

Any time Fish has gone on about politics or guns, he’s been a blatant idiot with some of the most easily overturned “points” in internet history. His dumbass prejudices take away form what is, otherwise, a funny site.

Kinda sad to ruin it with f**ktard behavior.

Congrats on proving yourself less intelligent than Lindsay Lohan’s crotch sweat, Fish! Congrats on confirming libby paranoia is based on stupidity!

What’s really, really evident,here…is that you don’t give two shits about guns, unless you can spew moronic shit against Conservatives, somehow. Where’s you bleeding heart for all the minority gun crimes (strangely, in the cities with the harshest gun laws)? Just plain missing, it seems.

Seriously, you drooling moron…stick with pregnancy accusations and celebrity boobs. Your rants against the Right make you seem further afield than the Glen Becks of the world, which is kinda frightening.

Education would help…or, maybe, ask if Piers Morgan will put you in his luggage when he takes his similarly-moronic-and-paranoid anti-gun stupidity back to the UK.

As others have mentioned…Kluwe performed poorly in a contract year, couldn’t get a job afterward, and was on a sports team where he could be easily replaced with a rookie that did at least as well as Kluwe’s last season. Was there potential bigotry in a celebrated type-A, serious masculinity-charged sport? I’m sure there’s more than enough to go around. Twice.

However, given that he couldn’t earn a job with the Raiders after leaving the Vkings…and the Raiders seem to welcome ANY publicity…I think he’s understated his own forgettable stats in an important season for his career.

I really like Kluwe’s attitude, feisty nature, and the amazing visibility he had despite being in the lowliest player position on a football team. This attack on his former coach, though, even after he’s proven that he can’t get a job on his own merits? It couldn’t look much dumber.

Posted on Dec 23rd, 2013
re: What Duck Dynasty Says About America (185 comments)

There’s more to the interview than what’s been quoted so often, in which he also states that he won’t turn anyone away, and admits he was a sinful adulterer himself. The quotes chosen were chosen to incite morons to overreact, because recent incidents like the Trayvon Martin moron-a-thon prove that people care much more about being seen to be deeply passionate than to do 3 minutes of reading and make sure they know what they’re talking about.

Once again, everyone involved has gotten played…Fish included.

Posted on Dec 6th, 2013
re: On Paul Walker And Driving Like A Shithead (237 comments)

I read it all, and likely comprehended it better than you…plus, let’s face it, he’s been a completely mindless f**ktard about anything involving guns and Americans forever. He’s also been quick to call out the whole country on whatever annoys him before.

I guess your “Hooked on Phonics” game didn’t do much for your comprehension.

His article was partially summarized in ” “This is my car, and I’m gonna drive it how I want,” because we’re a selfish, drooling toddler of a nation that’s running around the department store of the world unsupervised and yelling “CAR GO VROOM, GUN GO BANG!””…which is Fishy the f**ktard babbling about the “toddler of a nation” in his highly evolved view…and doing so in a way pretty obviously close to my description.

He’s a babbling idiot when away from his Kardashian and Lohan scribblings. That’s been true for a long time, and it’s obvious to anyone with a functioning mind.

Posted on Dec 6th, 2013
re: On Paul Walker And Driving Like A Shithead (237 comments)

Fish should know to never, ever leave Kardashian scandals and celebrity boobs, because this is the dumbest rant in a growing, unfortunate series.

“Shitheads on my street annoyed me, so America sucks ass” is the gist, here, and it’s too moronic for words. Yes, America has a car cultiure…and the grand majority of it buys milquetoast Camrys and Accords while going between home, work, and picking up junior from soccer practice. For every wannabe-hoon putting a fart-can muffler on their compact, there’s a slew of sedans and (non-jacked-up) pickups driving by, apparently not getting Fishy’s nuts twisted. But hey, gotta blame America! A tiny percentage of idiots have loud cars, a percentage of Americans commit gun crimes, most of those people NOT legit gun buyers/owners. But hey, blame the masses for Fish’s momentary annoyance! A single incident in Florida between two moronic hotheads end with one (predictably) dead, it’s because Americans suck…and let’s drag on that bitch-fest for over a year, Fishy!

Seriously. I love the funny things on this site, but its admin is increasingly looking like the dumbest mofo ever dropped from one orifice South of the usual.

When Fish gives equal time to drone death lists, the current traitor-in-chief having lied about damned near everything he ever had as a platform, the ACA being a complete fucking disaster with the Dems having known it would be one…I’ll give him a tiny amount of credit for “insight” as opposed to being a bitchy, partisan little hack.

Until then, anything he tries to do politically is at least as gutless and moronic as the people he rails against, and detracts from the actual entertainment normally found here.

Stick to the “celebrity boobs” and Chris Brown smack-talk, Fishy-kins. Your partisan hack tendencies don’t look either clever or entertaining.

Posted on Nov 19th, 2013
re: George Zimmerman's Guns Just Got Taken Away (108 comments)

Oh goody, Fish is trying to hate on the gun owners again with this douche-canoe as the centerpiece…because Fish’s little attempts to be political always go so well.

GZ was a known hothead last time he was in the news, and I’m just one of many that stated that the whole TM/GZ thing was a result of two moronic hotheads at the same place and the same time.

Fish can be awfully funny, but these spineless and mindless little diatribes are a moron-a-thon that he needs to learn from, and maybe try some of that coexistence and acceptance stuff that his side always preaches, but rarely remembers.

Posted on Oct 10th, 2013
re: Oh, STFU, James Woods, You're Still Going To Work In Hollywood (104 comments)

Oh, goody…fish (henceforth, and for all time, to be known as “sparky”) feels the need to be political again.

You’d get a longer list of “Hollywood Democrats that have sucked up to (or off of) obama”.

Posted on Aug 23rd, 2013
re: George Zimmerman Is Buying Tactical Shotguns (129 comments)

Ah, yes…Fish keeps an ugly incident rolling, renews his “libbie f**ktard” card by doing moronic generalizations about employees at a gun company that he’s never met, and will somehow use his continuing obsession with this to make statements about other (unconfirmed, likely imaginary) obsessions supposedly existing in flocks of (fictional) rabid GZ supporters.

He’s funny regarding celeb behavior and what-not, but he’s making liberals nationwide look almost as stupid as the prez has.