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Sure “jus sayin”, why don’t you move to those bastions of liberty like Mexico, Russia and China, who all ban guns?

Maybe you’re just too dumb to realize you and your fellow libtard lefties lost this argument years ago when the Supreme Court shoved the whole “handguns are evil” arguments down your throats. Now you just want to ban semi-auto rifles because you are afraid of your own shadow.

Try growing up and not being afraid. You have a better chance of dying in a drunken driving accident than getting shot, moron.

Sorry Craig. Owning a gun is a right that we don’t have to justify to left wing morons. Owning a car is a privilege. Something Dumocrats don’t quite understand.
When the left stops whining about having to present ID’s to vote and verifying that people are citizens before getting healthcare, benefits and free schooling in this country, then we can talk about making the right to own a gun more of a pain in the rear than it already is.