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Posted on Nov 15th, 2012
re: Sheldon Stephens Is Elmo's Accuser (54 comments)

We get it, whatever your name is that writes all this crap. You’re a closet homo who can’t function in society, so you lash out at “right wingers” as much as possible, as if all right-wing people are holding you down. Get the fuck over it, you socially crippled freak. No one gives a fuck about your opinion on the election. If you think Obama is the right choice, whoop de fucking doo. You’re dead wrong and a fucking idiot and have no idea how a country needs to function, but I don’t begrudge internet bloggers for being morons, they just don’t know any better.

Slipping in some right-wing bashing comment in this story was pointless, but I guess you’re so maladjusted and insecure that you just can’t let it go. Sucks to be you. Now get hit by a fucking car or washed away in a hurricane or something.