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Rushing through I made a spelling error or two, sorry.

I find it very interesting to see the conflicts with people on this site. I’m the founder of MRod’s Army, so of course I’m a huge supporter of her’s. Now I could take part in bashing a few of you. I’m been a member of The Official fan-site since before Michelle Rodriguez made it Official. She’s actually not bisexual, but I won’t waste time arguing that obvious point. Fantasies burn brighter in people’s minds then truth. Always a naturally beautiful woman. On Momi’s comment. It is the way the internet works. Of course you will have socially inappropriate comments on pages like this. You can’t get worked up over that. You are a fan, but others are not. I used to verbally battle with people on the internet. I used to find comments like the one above about her having a hairy asshole, But lets be real. It isn’t like they actually know her personally. They’re atrocious and their comments are enough proof to accept how idiotic they are. You don’t have to point it out, we know. She had actually stated in an interview that in High School she did infact experiment with women, but realized it just wasn’t for her. Plus youtube has the rumor fix clip of her saying,” I’m not a lesbian…YEAH!!!, Mitchy likes sausage.”