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Posted on Nov 27th, 2013
re: Okay, This Kate Upton Photo Shoot Got Interesting (23 comments)

I love Kate! I think she’s very pretty!! I don’t understand why women hate on any other woman, except maybe Miley Cyrus, but that’s just because she’s a moron. I love Adriana Lima, too! I appreciate the beauty that everyone has to offer and I’m secure enough with myself not to care if my man appreciates beauty, too. As long as appreciate doesn’t = getting naked together, we’re good! LOL

I was thinking just about the same thing!

Posted on Jan 7th, 2013
re: Justin Bieber Performing in Salt Lake City (1 comments)

Seriously? Why are dudes taking his picture? LOL

Thank you! Completely agree that he’s watching the little kid play.